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Mars Rover Simulator

The game can take a while to load on slower computers or connections. Unfortunately, Mars Rover Simulator is not compatible with mobile.

This is Mars Rover Simulator, a 3D game I made in Unity. It is an educational game where you play as the Curiosity Rover and explore a mars-scape with randomly placed rocks and supply drops to discover. The game educates you about all the minerals a Mars colony would need to survive and some of the things that would need to be sent to a colony in advance. It was pretty accurate back in 2017 but is very likely outdated by the time you’re reading this.


Use W to go forward, S to go backwards, A to turn left, and D to turn right.

Use C to switch from the third-rover (or third-person) camera to the first-rover camera. Hold Y and move the mouse to move the third-rover camera around and scroll while holding Y to zoom in and out.

Press E to inspect the closest thing to you. This will show you information about it is. Press the close to close it.

Press R to put your rover back at the start and generate a new world. This is useful if you flip over.



Programming and art by Jacob Parker. This game was made for my IS project in Ms. Dahmer’s grade 7 enrichment class.

Curiosity Rover 3D model provided for free by NASA here

Don’t want to play it with all the wordpress stuff clogging up the screen? Play it here


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