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Narwhal Simulator 23: A New Map Design

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn’t post last week, I haven’t been feeling too well recently. I haven’t done all that much work on Narwhal Simulator in the last 2 weeks and I haven’t been feeling up for much coding so I’ve been working on a new map. It’s very big but it’s just a diagram of areas at the moment. I’ll show it off now:


Ok, It’s pretty colourful but not all that pretty or map-like. This is a map of all the different areas (or biomes if you like it like that), so each colour represents a different area. Give a brief overview of each area in a bit, but first I want to discuss the actual goals of the game for the player.

I think a big part of Narwhal Simulator will be the exploration, so I want to give the players a proper incentive to explore all the way to the edges of the map, so I think the story of the game is going to involve going to the edges and corners of the map. At the moment, I’m just calling them keys, but they could be items or something.

Each colour represents a different area. I’ll give a brief overview of each area on the map. I hope to go into more detail into 1 area per post. Here they are:

Yellow: Starting zone

Aqua: Ocean

Brown: Dark Fortress (has a key)

Blue: Glacier

Dark blue: Glacial Mazes

Bluish Green: Irradiated Mazes

Slimy Green: Irradiated swamp (has a key)

Dark Green: Swamp

Red: Coral Reef

Medium Grey: Caves

Dark Grey: Bedrock Caves

Dark Red: The hot zone

Light Aqua: The melting zone

Deep Purple: Deep underground caves

Yellowish-Green Lime thing: Warm ocean

Pink: Coastal (has a key)

Black: Dark and scary place filled with death (I haven’t decided this one yet, leave any interesting ideas in the comments)

Salmon: Narwhal kingdom (has a key)

Next week there should be more details on the starting area, and maybe even some concept art.

I’ve recently run into a problem with the way I’m doing blocks at the moment. Unity’s tilemap system is very well optimized. It can easily handle thousands of blocks. However, with a map as big as I’m planning, this map might well be millions or even billions of blocks. At this scale, it takes entire seconds for the collision mesh to recalculate. That means the game is frozen for entire seconds. That’s absolutely not good. To fix this, I’ll have to do more boring coding so I’m going to put it off for a few more posts.

In the next few posts I’ll be working on getting areas working. This probably won’t be too interesting to read about so I’ll hopefully make it more interesting with the concept art for the areas. The starting area is first. See you next week!

 16x the detail. Stay tuned and see you next week!

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