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Jumpy Square Trials

Although this game will probably run on mobile, you need a keyboard to play.

This is Jumpy Square Trials. It is the second entry in the jumpy “trilogy”. I’m quite proud of this game and am considering remaking it in Typescript.
Put your speedrun speeds in the comments to brag about how great you are! Don’t lie please 🙁


Basic Controls:

Use A or the left arrow key to move left. Use D or the right arrow key to move right. Use W, up arrow, or the space bar to jump.

Advanced Controls:

When next to a wall, move into it with the move keys to grip onto it. Press the jump key to wall jump while gripping. Press N to go to the next level, press P to go to the previous level, and press R to restart the level. Watch out, as these controls work regardless of whether the level is complete.

Creating Custom Maps:

It is possible for more advanced players to create their own maps to play or share with their friends, as well as use maps other people have made. To do this in Chrome, right click on the game and press Inspect. Find the element that says:

<div id="levels" class="level">...</div>

Click the little arrow on the left to expand it and do the same with one of the tags that look like this:

<p class="level" id="Whatever">...</p>

Expand that with the little arrow and you will see a large string of symbols. This is the map data and you can edit this to change the map. See the following table to see what each symbol means:

/Blue Background
fWin Position
sStart Position
dRed Death Tile
}Cannon Facing Right
{Cannon Facing Left
^Cannon Facing Up
,Cannon Facing Down
kGreen Sliding Block
tHelp Text Location
qMarks New Line (Required at the end of each line)
rMarks Start of Help Text (Required at the end of the grid before the help text)


Made by Jacob Parker in October 2018 in Mrs Thomson’s grade 9 tech class.

Don’t want to play it with all the wordpress stuff clogging up the screen? Play it here

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