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Narwhal Simulator 20: Lazyfish (and where to go next)

Hi everyone! This is the first Narwhal Simulator update in around 2 weeks I think, since last week had a different post.

I just finished programming the Lazyfish. They swim around lazily and sleep frequently. They are scared of the Shork and the player. When they sleep, they have a much shorter scared range. The player can sneak up on sleeping Lazyfish. Here’s some screenshots:

This Lazyfish is swimming at a leisurely pace. It would probably rather be in bed, but it has decided to leave the house for once and go for a grumpy swim.
After a long day of swimming around uselessly and being a drain on society, the Lazyfish gets some well-deserved rest and relaxation.
Top 10 photos taken seconds before disaster. The player is hungry.
The Lazyfish is more than a little unhappy with the player trying to stab it. It has now got off its lazy tail and is swimming faster than it has in decades.

Well, that’s the lazyfish. I hope you like it. I also made it so shorks don’t absorb fish through their skin and instead actually eat them with their mouths. Yay.

Progress has been kinda slow, but also surprisingly fast. Although I started thinking about Narwhal Simulator years ago, development of it started on May the 15th, 2020. As of this post, that’s been just over 4 months. This is the 20th post and, although I haven’t actually got a schedule, I feel like I’m ahead of time. This brings us to what’s next. I’m running out of things on the Trello. The Trello’s “To Do” list is now noticeably shorter than the “Done” list. The items on the To Do list are starting to get vague, since at the time I wasn’t even sure if I would make it this far. Well, here we are. The last items on the To Do list are:

  1. Add Menus (Things like the main menu and the pause menu)
  2. Add different areas (Controls where certain creatures spawn, maybe controls the backdrop and ambient music)
  3. Make the world randomly generated (I’m not sure if I want this. I’m currently leaning towards making the world manually so it can be good. The replayability should still be high if the map is big enough)
  4. Planning! Make lots of plans a lot. (Whatever that means)
  5. Make the store and the rest of the UI look nicer and work better (Just make the game look better)

And that’s it. 5 more things until I’m done with all my items. Maybe even 3 if you take out planning and random generation. But what happens after that?

Well, that will be the first official version of the game, Pre-Alpha 1. At this stage, I’ll make a build that you can download if you want. Then people without the Unity engine can play the game and mess around with it. The game will probably go through several Pre-Alpha stages, which are stages where the game is unstable, buggy, and not really a game yet. Once the game is in a playable and somewhat fun state, it can move to Alpha. Alpha will consist of making the game look better, perform better, and act better. Adding new features, new areas, and all around new stuff. The game can then move to Beta. Depending on how well I do in Alpha, I might decide to skip Beta. Beta would just be bug fixes, without adding any more content. Then after Beta, the game would move to Release. The game is kind of already released, since it’s open source and you can play it, but I might post it on Steam or another game distribution platform like that. I have no idea if I would continue to work on it, adding new features and making the old ones better, but I might. I might decide to move onto a different project or do something else entirely. I don’t know if we’ll even reach that point.

Thanks for sticking around to the end. We’ve come a long way but we have an even longer way to go. Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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