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Narwhal Simulator 22: Main Menu

Hi everyone! Last week, I made a main menu. Just like last week, there’s no need for much preamble. Here it is:

It’s not too flashy but it gets the job done. Pressing Play loads the actual game. Pressing Options doesn’t do anything at the moment but it will when I make an options menu. Pressing Quit closes the game. At the bottom right, you can see the game’s current version. I’ll get into my version naming scheme in a bit.

When you press play, it loads the main game scene. This is almost instant at the moment, but as the game gets bigger, so will the time it takes to load the game. I doubt it’ll ever be as long as some of the AAA games out there. Back when I ran Fallout 4 off my hard drive, it could take almost 5 minutes to load. Having Narwhal Simulator just freeze and become unresponsive until the game loads is no good. I created a little loading animation to show the user that the game is currently loading and that it hasn’t just crashed or something. Here it is:

Narwhal spin. It spins. Like a narwhal.

Now I’ll talk briefly about my naming scheme. It won’t be very long or hard. First I’ll put the stage of development, like Pre-Alpha. Then I’ll put the major version number. Right now we’re on 0, but soon it’ll be version 1. The second number is the minor version number. To keep things simple, I’ll add 1 every time I make a post (so hopefully each week) and I’ll reset it to 0 every major version. That means as of right now, we’re on version Pre-Alpha 0.22.

Also, a quick note to anyone who downloads this version, TextMesh Pro has a bug in it which makes it not work. To fix it you have to follow the instructions at

That’s everything for this week. Next week I was supposed to be working on an options menu, but there aren’t really any options the game needs, since the graphics are so barebones and there isn’t any music. I’m a bit bored of making menus so I’ll be working on adding areas for the next week. An area is a uniquely named area of the game world. I’ll explain more next week when I’ve started. You can expect a much bigger map over the next week, maybe 4x the size of Narwhal Simulator at the moment, although it won’t be 16x the detail. Stay tuned and see you next week!

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2 thoughts on “Narwhal Simulator 22: Main Menu”

  1. Is the narwhal still swimming in circles when it’s scrolled out of my screen? If must be getting quite tired by now. If Microsoft see it they will want one for their loading page.

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