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Narwhal Simulator 24: Calmwaters

Hi everyone! I’ve made some progress on Narwhal Simulator this week. I’ve got the area system mostly working. I’ve also got a preview of the starting area in the final map, Calmwaters. I’ll show you the area system first.

The map is split into different named areas. I’ve already explained the basics of these in my last post, so go read that if you’re interested. Every time the player enters an area they haven’t entered before, I’ve made it so it displays a welcome message. Without this, the players wouldn’t know the names of areas. It also gives a sense of progression. Here’s the animation:

Welcome to Calmwaters! Enjoy your stay.

I’m almost done implementing the areas system; I just have some minor tweaks left to make. Next, I’ll talk about Calmwaters, the first area, as I promised.

Calmwaters is, as its name would suggest, pretty calm. Since it’s the player’s starting area, it’s nice and easy. It’s easy to move around in and there’s lots of non-hostile creatures. Calmwaters is supposed to act as an introduction to the base mechanics of the game like moving around, exploring, breaking blocks, and fighting. Here’s the new creatures:

The more eagle-eyed of you might notice that the Rainbow Trout and Lake Trout are new.

The Rainbow Trout and Lake Trout are new. Meet bob:


Bob the Rainbow Trout is a family man. Bob works hard all day to provide for his family. Bob acts a lot like many of the other fish. He swims away from sharks and narwhals. He hangs out with other members of his species. Bob is very nice and cool. I think this is the best art I’ve made for Narwhal Simulator so far. 


Here is a flock of Lake Trout. Lake trout are just more boring versions of Rainbow Trout. I’ve named this one Richard. They are all called Richard. Richard is their name. They act the same as Rainbow Trout, but they give less narwhal coins when you kill them. Now onto the new blocks:

Blocks. Very nice arrows too, but they aren’t the focus of the image.

I’ve added a few new blocks. I added hardened ice, ice that is harder. I also added rocky variants of both ice and hardened ice. The rocks make it harder to break and award more points. They also add some nice variety in otherwise plain surfaces. I also added old stone, stone that is old and falling apart, so it’s easier to break. It also adds some nice variety.

Alright, that’s about everything. Next week, I will be previewing the area to the left of the starting area, the darkaves. I’ll also fix some bugs with the larger map and the area system. Thanks for reading! If you have any ideas for areas, or changes to this one, or anything else, leave it in the comments or email me. See you next week!

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3 thoughts on “Narwhal Simulator 24: Calmwaters”

  1. No fish are boring. Can you name the shork Smitties? Why, you may ask? Because Smitties is a good not boring name. And the lazy fish, you should call Jacob. Because you’re lazy ;). I do like Richard and Bob, they cute.

  2. I don’t think you should call the lake trout (Richard) boring. There is nothing wrong with going about your business being a perfectly adequate cog in the machine, not everyone can be a glamorous shork. Anyway, how do you know that when you’re not playing Richard isn’t swaggering about in funky shades calling himself ‘Richie’ and listening to hyad bass.

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