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Narwhal Simulator 13: Return of the King

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post. Sorry. I’ve been super busy with summer school. That’s over now so I should be able to post regularly again. Today I’ll discuss what I need to do next, as well as some plans I have to switch up my upload schedule. Let’s get right down to business, shall we?

I’ll talk about the changes in upload schedule first because they’re boring and quick. I don’t think that a bi-weekly post is sustainable as I move into later stages of development. As a game gets further into development, it starts taking longer to develop new features. Although I could probably keep a bi-weekly schedule going for the next little while, I’m taking this “restart” of my blog as an opportunity to make changes. I’ll make a post weekly on Tuesday at 10pm.

So, now let’s talk about the interesting stuff. What am I supposed to be working on? When we left off, I had just finished modularising the player in preparation for making a shop. So next step, make a shop. For making a shop, I think my steps will be as follows:

  1. Make a basic store UI (Just buttons and price display)
  2. Make a store item class to store my store items
  3. Add some test items
  4. Make purchasing work as intended
  5. Make the basic store look better (I want cool stuff like filters to make store navigation easier)
  6. Make a MenuManager to manage my menus. This isn’t very useful at the moment but it will be basically necessary if I add more than 1 menu. The MenuManager will control which menus are displayed and which aren’t.

After I’m done the shop, it will be time for another exciting development, and one I think is long overdue. We’re going to make the game a lot more lively, literally. It will be time to add creatures! The steps for adding creatures are as follows:

  1. Give the player health and a way of seeing their health
  2. Adjust blocks to allow scripts to run on them. This might be tough to do right. This is required so we can add spawners, the first block that does something different.
  3. Actually add creatures. This is going to take a while. Creatures need a lot of special stuff like:
    1. Sprites and animations
    2. Health
    3. The ability to do damage
    4. Several different behaviours depending on their distance from other creatures or the player

This all needs to be done well and in a “correct” way so that it’s both performant and easily extendable. Just like with the other features I’ve been implementing, I don’t actually use it beyond a bare-minimum testing capability at the moment. My strategy is to focus on giving the game all the features I want it to have, then adding more actual content, like more types of blocks, or more creatures. This hopefully makes it easier. You can find more information about everything I’ve said on my Trello, linked below.

That’s everything I have for you today. Next week’s post should be a lot more interesting. Thanks for sticking around while I was gone. See you next week!

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