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Narwhal Simulator 2: Creating a Game Design Document

Hi everyone! This is the second post in the Narwhal Simulator series. I have created a GitHub repository and a basic overview of what I intend to do with this game.

This is the GitHub link: My project is under the MIT license, so you can pretty much do what you want with it so long as you include the original license and credit me. I’ve included a basic overview of what the game will do and what it will look like in the base of the repository called It is a markdown file so GitHub should make it look nice. 

When looking at the repository, keep in mind the repository will often be slightly ahead of the posts. I schedule these posts to go out at certain times (Right now every Tuesday and Friday at 18:00 EST) but I’m always making changes to the repository. 

The plan is kind of a Game Design Document, except I’ll be modifying it throughout development. I found a nice game design document outline which I will be loosely following here: I don’t know if Narwhal Simulator is really a serious game but it should work nonetheless. Many of the sections are subject to heavy change as the game’s development progresses. This plan is mostly just supposed to help me get my ideas down and help any of you understand approximately what the end goal of this series is.

As of right now, the plan is not fully complete, then again it will never actually be complete. I’m going to complete the basic Game Design Document before I begin development. A lot of the design will be done as I develop. I don’t think I’m really good enough at game design to design a fun game from scratch before development even starts.

Next time, I hope to have gotten the plan to a “finished” state, a state where I’m happy enough with it. I got a newsletter set up so if you want to get email notifications for every new post, so you can subscribe to that if you feel inclined to do so.

Thanks for reading everyone! See you all on Friday.

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