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Narwhal Simulator 3: Finishing up Planning & Next Steps

Hi everyone! This is the third post in the Narwhal Simulator series. The plan is now in a satisfactory state for me to begin working on the next stage of initial planning, deciding what to do first and what order to do things in. I’ve already kind of done this.

The first step will be to determine which game engine best fits our needs for the game. I’ll compare several different game engines and make a decision for next time. This shouldn’t be too hard.

The second step will be to make a working prototype as fast as possible to build upon. This prototype will have no art, and will instead have plain colours and shapes. This step is not completely necessary and could be actually detrimental to progress in the future since I’ll have to rework everything I’ve made in this step. I’m going to do it anyway because I think we’re all getting a bit bored of writing plans. This shouldn’t be too hard either.

The third step will be to slowly build on and rework the prototype into the fully complete game. This one will take a lot longer to do than steps 1 and 2, but when we get there, I’ll start breaking that down into steps as well. From my experience developing games in the past, it’s important to lay out plans as you go to avoid feeling like you either have nothing to do or tons to do. Focusing on one thing at a time is a lot easier. Sometimes when making games in the past, I usually, rather than planning and making steps, would just jump in with my one step being “make the game” and this often worked with the week-long or couple-days long projects. This is also the reason I’ve never successfully made a large game, except for Project Luna which I made with my friend Lochlann. 

Project Luna is not currently on my website, but I’ll upload it at some point, I promise. It has a comparatively huge scope to my other successful projects (although it’s tiny compared to most games you’ve probably played), and the only way we made such a huge game was by planning it from the start with a document and a Trello board. Another few things that helped were that we were two people and could divide the work (but right now it’s only me, so that won’t help here), we had a hard deadline (but there are no deadlines here, so I might start setting some. The pressure of having a static upload schedule for my blog is kind of a deadline), and we worked on it for a decent amount of time every day. This one I feel is especially important. Some days, I won’t be able to work on Narwhal Simulator because I have tons of work from school, or I’m sick, or I’m on vacation, or whatever reason, but I’m going to try my best to work on it at least a bit every day. 

In conclusion, next time I’ll compare game engines for Narwhal Simulator, then after that I’ll make a prototype. Then, we’ll work it out from there. Also, I just got a newsletter set up for whenever I post, so if you’re interested, you can sign up on the right. Thanks for reading, see you Tuesday.

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