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Narwhal Simulator 7: New Narwhal Sprite

Hi everyone! This one is going to be quite a bit shorter than usual because I’ve had quite a bit of schoolwork. I’ll try to flesh this one out with some nice pictures.

I’ve made a new player sprite. Here it is from a few different angles: 

The player facing up
The player facing diagonally down and right
The player breaking some blocks

This one is a lot prettier than the last rectangle one, but that isn’t really why I made it. Sure, the rectangular one looked super ugly, but it made it easier to prototype movement since I didn’t have to worry about sprites. A major benefit of the new player model is that it actually works better than the old one. The specific advantage of the new one over the old one is the collision. I don’t have a picture of the old collision shapes, but it is just a rectangle and a triangle that matches up with the sprite. I do have a picture of the new collision shape, which does not match the sprite perfectly.

The old narwhal, just a boring old rectangle
The new narwhal with the collision shape outlined in green

Collision shapes are the parts of the object that can collide with other objects. The collision shape of the new narwhal is the green outline. The collision shape for the old narwhal is simple and easy, but the corners at the top near the tusk would lead to the player often hitting walls with their body instead of their tusk, not dealing damage and being thoroughly annoying. The new narwhal is thin enough that shouldn’t be an issue. Another issue with the rectangle body is that the narwhal would not be able to turn around or change direction when digging a 1 block wide tunnel, since the rectangle would prevent them from hitting any block but the one immediately in front of them. The new narwhal can hit blocks to its side. Here’s a demonstration of me hollowing out an area from a 1 block tunnel:

As you can see, the new narwhal sprite not only looks way better but also functions a lot better!

Thanks for reading and sorry this one was so short. I will probably spend the next few days planning again. I know that planning is boring, but I completed the basic prototype surprisingly quickly and I’m running out of things to do next. Hopefully, a few days of planning and fleshing out the Trello with more cards will give the project more direction. See you Tuesday!

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