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Narwhal Simulator 8: Planning the Appearance Prototype

Hi everyone! Sorry I’m a day late. This post is going to be discussing my new roadmap for the first “appearance prototype” of narwhal simulator. I don’t know if that is the right word for what I mean, but it’s the one I’ll be using unless someone can come up with a better idea. The appearance prototype is the game in a state where it has all the major features in the game. When the appearance prototype is done, I can start making the game’s content, like the story, different areas, and different upgrades. I won’t go into too much detail since you can read about it on the Trello, but I will give you a bit of explanation of the most immediate next steps.

This is a screenshot from the Trello

The next thing I will be working on is adding Narwhal Coins. Narwhal Coins will be the currency that the player will use to purchase upgrades. The steps for making these are as follows: 

  1. Decide on the name. I think it will be Narwhal Coins, but I may decide to change it.
  2. Make the UI for it. The player needs to be able to tell how many Narwhal Coins they have. It will make it a lot easier to test as well.
  3. Make the blocks give a configurable amount of score based on their BlockType. This is kind of the whole point of Narwhal Coins. Mining would be pointless if this wasn’t in the game.
  4. Make a UI icon for it. This won’t be too hard and isn’t strictly necessary. The icon will go next to the text on the UI.

This will all be in the works in the next week, and maybe I’ll be done it all by Friday! But I doubt it.

The next thing after Narwhal Coins will be making the player modular. This is a bit complicated and I’ll get into it more when I start actually working on it, but I’ll give a brief explanation now. The player is going to be able to upgrade different parts of it. This upgrading won’t be like most game levelling systems because upgrades will no only make the player’s stats (like health, speed, and damage) better, but upgrades may introduce new abilities or effects that actually change how the player works. This will take some planning (lame, I know) to get it right. It will require a lot of scripts to interface with each other in an abstract way, meaning that all the scripts should work properly regardless of the player’s other upgrades. I’ll discuss it more in-depth later.

After that is making the store. This will be difficult but probably won’t need all that much planning. The store will consist of multiple tabs, categories, and methods of sorting and searching the list of items.

I’ll just list off the things that go after making the store. You can read about them in more detail on my Trello.

  1. Give the player health and a health bar
  2. Adjust blocks to be able to do things without needing GameObjects for each one
  3. Add creatures (Yay! The game is a bit lifeless at the moment)
  4. Add menus like the pause menu and main menu
  5. Add the implementation for new areas
  6. Make the world have random generation

I haven’t planned past that yet, but that should last me plenty of time. Keep in mind that these plans might change if I forgot something or decide I need something new. All of these have more information on my Trello, so if you’re interested in some more in-depth explanations, you can go there. If you’re reading this from the distant future, they should all be under the Done for Pre-Alpha 1 section. If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me at [email protected].

Well, that’s everything I have for you! I hope you enjoyed it. Again, sorry for being late. I hope to see you Friday!

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