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Wheel of Birds

How well do you know Ontario’s birds? Find out in my name game, Wheel of Birds! Wheel of Birds is a text-based Wheel of Fortune style game in which you and your friends (or AI opponents if you don’t have any like me) compete to guess the names of the various birds of Ontario.

Wheel of Birds supports single player against nobody or against bots. It also supports local multiplayer (where all the players use the same keyboard) and online multiplayer (where the players are on different computers and they are able to connect directly to each other, like when they are on the same router). Online multiplayer is a bit finicky at the moment, but the rest of the game works as intended as far as I can tell.

Wheel of Birds was written in Java as my Computer Science final project in grade 11.


Jar file:

Source Code:


Since Wheel of Birds was written in Java and requires Java 8 or higher to run. I’ve provided a zip file containing a file called To run the program, you have to extract the contents of the zip to a folder. It doesn’t matter what else is there so long as all the files in the zip are present. You can usually run it just by double clicking, but if that doesn’t work, open the command prompt (or the equivalent on whatever operating system you use) in the folder and do the command java -jar WheelOfBirds.jar. This should launch the program. Have fun!


Spinning the wheel
Guessing the phrase
Your opponent beating you

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